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"If you are not making six figures or more in your coaching or consulting business, we can help.  Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching led by Dr. Lyman A. Montgomery uses innovative resources to help you scale your business  without costly technology or gimmicks, so you can focus on what matters to you."


The Focused Driven Coaching Growth Strategy is simply:







The key to growing your coaching and consulting business is to know how to CATCH the right prospect for your type of business, CONVERT prospects into raving clients, and COMMIT to delivering exceptional value in your programs and services, which will allow you to scale more efficiently.


When you employ these three simple principles, you will have the necessary tools to expand your consulting or coaching business rapidly. All of our proprietary tools have been tested to get desired results.  Here at Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, we work to help you focus, prioritize and achieve success.  If you need financing, click here

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Why Lyman Montgomery? 

What We Offer...

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7 Minutes 2 Success is a business strategy and growth book with proven strategies and tactics to start, manage and scale your business.  The book has been endorse by many SBA offices across the country. Click the button below to order your copy today.

If you’re already a six-figure coach or consultant, then the Coaches Circle is for you. This is a high-performance focused-driven mastermind with other six and seven-figure coaches and consultants. We Limited spots. Click the button to schedule a call to learn more.

Don't have time to read a book? Then, enroll in our Focused Acceleration Success Training (FAST) program.  This online training with Dr. Lyman Montgomery will explode your business.  Discover how to make $55,000 in 90 days using his strategies.  Click the button to enroll into the course today.

LYFE 2022​ is an intimate, three-day transformative hybrid event, unlike anything you may have experienced. You owe yourself and your family to make this year the BEST YEAR yet (despite the global pandemic), and accomplish insane results in your Life, Business, and  Relationships....


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About Focused Driven Coaching LLC 

Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, L.L.C. was created to help coaches and consultants grow their business.  Let's face it, distractions are everywhere, especially when you are trying to scale your coaching and consulting business.  During these times of uncertainty, we have to deal with constant distractions, such as phone calls, social media notifications, and the bombardment of emails causing many professionals to struggle with managing work and home. 


Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, L.L.C. is designed to help you focus on growing and scaling your business; from seminars to executive coaching, you can count on our expertise to ensure that you meet your growth goals without losing yourself in the process.


Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC., philosophy is based on the doctoral work of our founder and C.E.O., Dr. Lyman A. Montgomery; through his signature S.A.U.C.E.,  Blueprint, you will be able to implement a strategy that offers: 

  • Specific and measurable outcomes 

  • Authentic representation of your services and products

  • Universally adaptable strategies

  • Clear and consistent coaching guidance 

  • Executable deployment and simple to implement

Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching's mission is to help you get focused, refocus, and stay focused, so you can live and enjoy a focused driven lifestyle. 


Did you know Bill Gates has a personal coach? Hear what he has to say about having a coach. Click here.


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Our Focused Driven Core Values

Our Core Values
We are Focused on You

Focused Driven Work Ethic

We are committed to doing business in an ethical manner that values diversity, respects alternative views, takes responsibility for mistakes, and is accountable to our core values' principles.


Opportunities to Grow and Develop

We are committed to our partner's and employees' personal and professional growth with a Focused, Driven Lifestyle.  We believe that personal and professional development is essential to your continued growth and development.


Creative and Fun Work Environment 

We are committed to creating a work environment that inspires creativity, promotes fun, and nurtures innovation and ingenuity.


Unity of Purpose & Commitment 

We are committed to building a unified work team that functions to its full potential and where each member gives 100% in producing Driven, focused outcomes.


Sustainable Practices

We are committed to having practices, policies, and procedures that are flexible and sustainable in building a Focused, Driven culture where everyone is valued and respected without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identification.


Open Communication

We are committed to building and sustaining a culture of open and fluid communication where issues are addressed respectfully and constructively with a focused, Driven resolution


Needs of Customer is our Focus

We are committed to focusing on the needs of our valued customers and partners by providing quality service and exceeding expectations by 10% or more.


Understand and Commit to FDL Core Values

We are committed to being focused on quality service and working in cooperation and collaboration to support FDL Core values.


If you need customers, enroll in our Focused-Driven Customer Acquisition Program

According to business researchers, two-thirds of all small businesses will close or lose vital customers, clients, or patients.  The #1 reason,  "An inability to attract, convert, and grow their customer base and convert them into raving fans!"


In a national survey, customers were asked why they stopped shopping or buying from businesses and the majority said, "They just didn't pay enough attention to my needs anymore."  Don't let this happen to you!


Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching helps you get clarity on what your customers want and how best to deliver it, using our Focused Driven Business Accelerator (FDBA).  The key is positioning your business as the only logical choice in their mind, allowing them to experience personal growth and satisfaction by solving a real problem they are facing. Your products and services are simply the tools used to solve them.



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7 Minutes 2 Success Book
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