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Proven solutions to grow your sales and employee engagement strategies.  Our client's goals are important to us, and we use advanced proprietary technologies and strategies to increase employee engagement, sales; and productivity, which in turn leads to higher revenues and positive profits to you your bottom line.

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Are you unable to execute your business successfully? Consulting can go a long way in helping you execute your business without any impediments. 

At Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, we provide business consulting to all budding businesspeople. We start with goal-setting for business success and assisting you with a goal you must attain. Goal setting is a form of self-management as you individually translate means into action. 

The goal-setting is the most practiced and legitimate theory of employee motivation in business consulting, and for the most part, empirical tests of the theory are also supportive. Another part of setting goals is how they are related to your personal needs. 

At present, modern organizations need to constantly develop creative motivation strategies to keep their executives effective and to bring in new talent. Most companies design motivational approaches around one more motivation theory, depending on specific requirements and situations. Consequentially, it is beneficial and relevant for you to examine the hierarchy of needs theory and how other motivation theories can possibly expand upon it and help with goal setting for business success.  

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your online exposure, attract prospective customers, and learn many other things, you should go for business consulting.  

We are completely focused towards helping you execute your business successfully, without coming across any obstacles whatsoever.

About Focused-Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC

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Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, L.L.C. is designed to help you focus on growing and scaling your business. We offer sales seminars, coaching and consulting services. 


Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC., philosophy is based on our founder and CEO, Dr. Lyman A. Montgomery signature S.A.U.C.E., Blueprint:  

  • Specific and measurable outcomes 

  • Authentic representation of your services and products

  • Universally adaptable strategies

  • Clear and consistent coaching guidance 

  • Executable deployment and simple to implement

Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching's mission is to help you live and enjoy a focused driven lifestyle. 




Our Partial Client List

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Our Global Offerings

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Dr. Lyman A. Montgomery, Founder/ CEO

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Stacey Benson-Taylor, Senior Partner

Sebastian (Seb) Brantigan, Marketing Partner

Daphane Street, Communications Partner

Lady Myya Taylor, Podcast Media Partner

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Kenny Harper, Marketing & Growth Partner

Jay Johnson, Business Strategy Partner

Shaira Mae Maala, Administrative Support

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