More About Focused-Driven Lifestyle

According to Daniel Goleman, "The primary task of leadership is to direct attention. To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention...while filtering out distractions." Here is the problem; most people don't know how to focus their attention on the right priorities.


We show you in straightforward and easy to master steps how to (1) eliminate distractions, (2) stop procrastinating, and (3) develop a focused driven lifestyle.  It only takes 7 minutes a day. Just imagine, how your life would be if you had more time and energy to focus on the things and people who mattered the most to you.  


My Personal Journey

It was 2004, and life outwardly was great. I had a big house with a pond, plenty of money in the bank, a beautiful and supportive family with a growing seminar business. I felt life could not get any better. Remember that was life on the outside. Internally, I was distracted, unhappy and felt as if the world was closing in on me.


I remember, leaving one of my sold out events, to return to the hotel and cry myself to sleep because I did not feel as if I was living my true self. Instead of a focused-driven lifestyle; I existed in a distracted-driven world where I was pulled in so many directions I could hardly enjoy the fruits of my labor. Can you relate?


It took missing out on some great business opportunities and most importantly, losing a lot of family memories to get me to change my priorities and get focused on what mattered the most, my family. The most painful event occurred prior to my son’s Destin’s fifth birthday. I called to say that I would be home to help plan his birthday party when I got the shock of my life. My former wife explained, “Lyman, we had not planned for you being here, so I went ahead and planned everything without you. It didn’t seem like he was a priority to you”.


Her words, “he didn’t seem like a priority to me” troubled me the most because, in my mind, I was doing everything to support my family. In her mind, she had been asking for my help for close to a month, and I kept procrastinating until two days before his party when I decided to call. This painful experience set me on the path to discovering how to get focused, establish priorities, and become a better father, husband, and friend.  


The goal of Focused Driven Lifestyle is to show you how to embrace and enjoy a focused-driven lifestyle. It is important that you realize; we are constantly bombarded with information, and it is taking a toll on our brains. In fact, several years ago, the average listening span was 20 minutes in 1980. Currently, it is about 7 minutes. When we account for active listening, it has dropped to about 8 seconds according to a study conducted by Microsoft.