7 Minute Day Lifestyle Journal

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Why We wrote the 7 Minute Day Lifestyle Journal

My business partner, Dawn D. Fobbs and I are both advocates of journaling our thoughts and feelings in order to reflect and analyze our daily successes and correct areas of our lives and business that missed the mark. What we have learned over the years of owning our separate businesses is that you will have days of extreme focus and clarity and you will have moments where you feel distracted and cloudy in your thinking. Using a journal on a consistent basis is a great way to overcome this challenge of staying focused on the things that matter in your life.

We wrote this journal for two reasons, first to provide you with a tool to keep all of your thoughts and feelings in one place, so you can look back and track your personal and professional growth. Second, we wrote this journal to demonstrate that you can accomplish a lot in just 7 minutes of day! That’s all it takes to be successful using this journal. The key is to use it every day until it becomes a natural part of your daily routine.

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