7 Minutes 2 Success: Creating Your Legacy Through Entrepreneurship

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It may seem hard to believe that you can spend 7 minutes a day and accomplish very much. The concept behind 7 Minutes 2 Success is based on real brain science about adult attention spans. Research has shown that the average adult attention span is about 7 to 10 minutes before the brain begins to wonder. Our philosophy is about learning to focus your attention in 7 to 10 minutes blocks when your brain is most active. By doing this, you can achieve maximum success in a very short amount of time. This book will show you how to train your brain to remove psychological distractions that can hinder focus and lead to anxiety and frustrations which will ultimately cause you to abandon your dreams of success.

The benefits of 7 Minutes 2 Success are: getting more things done in less time, having more energy; spending more time with family and friends; living your life by design and not by default, and having the ability to set targeted priorities, and have FUN in the process. While reading this book, it is important to write down your thoughts and reactions to certain concepts and principles. So grab your pen and paper NOW!

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