Shattered Masks:7 Masks We Wear (Audio Book)

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In today’s world, image is everything? Imagine navigating through childhood and your adult life carrying the baggage of being bullied because you wore corrective shoes or being called a sissy by your stepfather because he didn’t understand why you were unable to stand up for yourself. Lyman Montgomery lived that life and suffered great and consistent losses. All before the age of 14, he was sexually abused by a trusted teacher and experienced the death of two of his grandparents-one of which took her own life.

Lyman kept silent about his abuse, avoided dealing with the grief of his father’s death by never mentioning him, associated with people who were better off financially, developed unhealthy relationships with women, performed as others expected, used accomplishment to feel better about himself and a projected religious lifestyle that was not rooted in righteousness.

Shattered Masks: Seven Masks We Wear & the Strategies to Shatter Them is an autobiographical account of how masks are made in a young man’s life. It is also a self-study to help you identify the mask makers in your life and to shatter the masks you’ve grown accustomed to wearing. "

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