Focused Collaboration

The workplace is all about focus! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Our society tends to stick to its primitive ideas and that’s what makes success static. Today, millennial makes efforts to cross the so-called border-line, marked by the previous businessmen, and open a new world of establishment and success. This might sound too flowery, but it’s, fortunately a fact. Let’s see how.

Up till now, all of us, including me, have followed the straight path which leads to the belief that success at workplace is all about focus, not collaboration. There might be groups which would think the other way round. But none of the pals had the brains to combine these terms together to come up with a more productive term “Focused Collaboration”.

Therefore, focused collaboration is a broader term which precisely defines the collaboration of workers in a focused way to reach a particular target and produce desired results.

A successful workplace is the one which allows collaborative learning!

In a workplace, four basic modes of activities take place. These include learning, focusing, collaboration and socializing. You can’t succeed if you neglect any of these modes as each on these plays its own part in uplifting the business. Therefore, an ideal workplace is the one which balances all these aspects to produce efficient employees.

Statistics support the fact that the workplaces which were actually designed to oppose the trend of collaboration and make the workers just focus instead were the ones with less productivity and efficiency. Ironically, the workers there faced more distractions as compared to the ones who worked with collaboration. And, the reports I’m referring to were released by none other than Gensler who topped out Shanghai’s sky-scrapper.

Here, you should be wise enough to pick up the signal. When you “try” to focus, you’re actually more distracted by the thought of it. To be productive, you have to focus on the target rather than focusing on being focused! It’s a fact, not a tongue twister!

Therefore, an ideal workplace should be designed in such a way that it allows workers to collaborate and remain focused at the same time without interfering with each other’s work space. Such a work place produces effective employees, a balanced working environment and elevated perception of the company in workers’ minds. Thus, more innovative and creative employees will come on the front-line.

How to ensure that your team is working with a focused collaboration?

Up till now, we have discussed how crucial is focused collaboration in pursuit of a successful business. Now the next step is to ensure that your workplace is following this principle. There might be a number of tips and tricks to incorporate successful focused collaboration into your team, but I’ll tell you the simple ones. These are actually wise words of Sarah Maynard but I’ll simply it.

There are basically three ways to encourage focused collaboration.

  1. Communicate

  2. visualize

  3. acknowledge

The fourth one, in this case, has to be the constant reminder to your worker and you about staying focused on the target hence, focused collaborative. Let’s discuss these step-wise!


Keep a strong communication with your workers. Keep them constantly updated with your ideas and plans and discuss with them by coming at their level which means as simply as possible. Keep a constant contact with your workers, managers and everyone who is somehow related to your business. Remember, remain focused and communicate about your work ideas only! No gossips please!

Visualize and Acknowledge!

The best form of learning and planning is through visualization. This means to see the performance of your workers and employees and don’t forget to give them credit. A little credit does no harm! Even criticism is good if it’s constructive. Therefore, visualize the efforts of your employees and make sure that they’re focused towards the target.

This point clearly elaborates the meaning of collaboration. It is actually a leadership quality. Collaboration basically deals with influencing one’s behavior and performance by making proper communication.

Visualization and acknowledgement bring very positive changes in the performance and work attitude of the employees. It develops a bonding between the owner and workers which proves very beneficial for the growth of the business. That’s all you want. Don’t you?

What else?

The above-mentioned three aspects are the basics of collaboration. What else contributes to a stronger bonding between focus and collaboration?


Multiple people working on a single task come with the highest possibility of losing the details and sight of the goal. Therefore, it is crucial to effectively structure your time between your team members so that you’ve got to deal with one aspect at a time. This will allow you to discuss details with your workers and plan strategically.


Here diversity refers to the diversity of ideas, possibilities and perspectives. A number of people working collaboratively can come up with different ideas. This means that you can now consider variable aspects rather than being stuck to a single one. This can be more productive than anything else if you remain focused to your target and don’t let the irrelevant ideas distract you.


This is yet another synonym of the term acknowledgement. The relationship between all the workers and their relation with their owner is the base on which the building of successful business rests. Stronger the base, more stable the building will be. Therefore, it is very critical to build the relation of cordiality and trust between you and your employees. However, you should learn how to use this bonding for your benefit!

So now, when we have touched almost every aspect of focused collaboration, I’m pretty sure that you’ll now believe that it is the most effective strategy in the world of business which can do wonders to your productivity.


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