Difference between Life Coaching and Therapy

Updated: Jul 13

Nobody has a perfect life and everyone needs some sort of counseling in his or her life. Certified therapists and coaches are two great options for a person who wants to bring a change in their life. However, many people get confused in evaluating whether they need a therapist or a life coach because many of us are not aware of the major difference between them. Here, we are going to share major differences between life coaches and therapists so you decide the best for you.

Responsibilities of a Life Coach

A life coach helps you to overcome the problems of your career and guides you how to remove hurdles and achieve your goals. He makes plans for you and lets you know about the possible ways to attain it. The major responsibilities of a life coach are to determine to clarify your mind from ambiguities and show you the most suitable path for your profession which meets your standards and interests.

You get to know how to balance your work, family life, and social life and what is the best strategy to achieve financial independence and security. A good life coach works on your communication skills and motivates you to start a new business or point out the opportunities for your existing business. They address the mindset of the people and access their attitude and has nothing to do with their health.

Responsibilities of a Therapist

Therapists approach different techniques to read the mind and psychology of a person who is suffering from a mental disorder or trauma. They use conversation as a tool to help the person overcome the trauma of an incident happened in the past. It might be a broken relationship, divorce, sudden death, or any other life-changing incident. They access your conscious and unconscious mind and diagnose the actual issue.

Making the patient mentally and emotionally better is the goal of a therapist. They boost the self-awareness and try to increase the self-confidence of the patient. Therapists are regulated by the state and having a professional degree is mandatory for them, unlike a life coach. They can work only in a state or country where they are registered and can’t practice without the permission of the state. Therapists are more regular and disciple field as it’s directly related to the health of the person.

Always check the reputation and certification of your consultant whether you opt for a life coach or a therapist and never believe anyone blindly.

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