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The pursuit of happiness comes with many challenges, and it’s easy to get discouraged and misdirected. It is not uncommon for people to become unmotivated and lose focus, and when that happens it can become incredibly difficult—even impossible for some—to get back up on one’s feet. This is where a life coach comes in. A life coach is an expert who helps individuals set feasible goals and practice habits that will help them attain their goals.

Life coaches can be costly, but for people who are truly committed to their goals, life coaches are worth the investment. Many successful, influential people (Oprah Winfrey, anyone?) testify to the effectiveness of life coaching.

So ask yourself right now: Do I need a life coach? And as you do so, consider the few of the many reasons why you should find a life coach: Goal-setting

  • A life coach helps you pinpoint what you really want to achieve in life, be it in your career, social standing, and family. They’ll help you figure out where your priorities lie and help you set clear, concrete goals.

Unbiased Advice

  • Not all of your dreams are feasible or beneficial, and life coaches have the knowledge to decipher whether a prospect is beneficial or not. A life coach is not wired to say yes to every idea you have; they can also give you logical, objective advice when they see you need it.

Mindset Management

  • It’s easy to become anxious and overwhelmed when you’re trying to achieve your goals. A correct and healthy mindset is a must and a life coach helps you shape your resolve the way it needs to be shaped. With expertise and conviction, they help you live the life you’ve always wanted. One of their goals is to help you be consistent in the pursuit of your goals.


  • With your ambitions lined up, most of the time, it’s a bit confusing to determine when, where, and how to start. But of course, the job of a life coach isn’t to spoon-feed you; their job is to get you heading off in the right direction, with knowledge and conviction.

Progressive Personal Development

Most importantly, life coaches prioritize your personal growth. Their mission is to help you become mature and rational in handling the different episodes of life, and their vision is to see you become fully confident and secured in your identity. So, are life coaches worth your money? They absolutely are. They share your dreams of success and offer professional advice, effective and proven lifehacks, and expert strategies to help you living the ideal life you aspire for.

Thirsty for more how-to toward success? Allow my new book, Focused-Driven Lifestyle, to help you out. I’m also on Twitter as @LymanMontgomery. If you’re not into the 140-character limit, I’m also on Facebook and Goodreads. I’d be so thrilled to hear from you! References Smith, Jen. “The Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach.” The Huffington Post. May 19, 2017. Accessed September 5, 2017. “10 Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Life Coach.” Life Coach Directory. March 8, 2017. Accessed September 5, 2017.

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