How to Get Your Family Focused

Create a Theme Night for Family Engagement

Themed Nights Schedule some of your daily activities to reduce decision fatigue by making each night of the week a “theme night.” So Monday can become ‘Couch Potato night’ where you’re allowed to watch TV without the guilt. Tuesday can become ‘Date Night’ where you commit yourself to spend some quality time with your other half. Wednesday can become ‘Chores night’ where you clean the house or do laundry. As a child, my family dedicated Thursday as “Family Night.” All of the kids would serve as entertainment, my brother Robert would sing, I would give a speech or recite a poem, my younger brother, LyMartin would dance, and my sister, DeMeka would talk about Math (She’s a CPA today). By doing this each evening, you remove the stressful need to make that “right decision.” This way, you can stay on top of things without feeling emotionally drained and frustrated. I hope that these tips will help you to simplify your life.

Vacation Time Another way to focus on your family is to plan and schedule three vacations a year. Some of you might be thinking, "I can't take that much time away from work or afford to take a vacation." Trust me, I understand, taking time off is something that I struggle with because I love the work I do and impact it has had on so many people. I also, need to take time away from work to recharge my energy cells. Here are three easy tips to help you plan an affordable and memorable vacation:

  1. Plan Early. You can find some great 'get-a-way deals if you plan at least one year and no later than six months out. During the planning phase get the whole family involved in deciding where you would like to visit, duration of the vacation, transportation (car, flights), lodging (hotel, B&B, etc.), estimated budget for the trip, and its goal(s). This is paramount. You need to make sure everyone is on board. I have a close friend who didn't consider this point, and he spent two weeks on a vacation that his family didn't enjoy. Is the goal relaxation and being pampered at spas or is the purpose of having an adventure and trying to see and experience as much as possible?

  2. Mix it Up. After you have planned your vacation, add variety such as a day or two of adventure, followed by a day of relation and a day of educational experience (museums and sight seeing). By mixing it up during the vacation, everyone can have fun and rest in between each themed day which could be visiting amusement parks or going sightseeing.

  3. Pay as You Go. For those concern about costs, I recommend taking short day trips which are inexpensive because you don't have air travel or hotel costs. I'm sure there are some free attractions, art galleries, museums and concerts that you can turn into a mini-vacation. When I suggest three vacations a year; I'm referring to two mini-vacations that are within driving distance from your home; and a longer vacation which requires you getting away for a week or two.

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