Are Your New Year Resolutions Fading?

resolution fading?

Are you feeling like, "its another year that I have failed to keep my New Year resolution!" You were so excited a few weeks ago as you rushed to sign up for your gym membership, vowed to eat healthier and even through out those unhealthy bags of chips. Although, you may be feeling crappy because you didn't maintain your resolution, the good news is that its not too late to refocus your mind and start over. The truth is, the majority of us, regardless of discipline or motivation will give in to temptation and become distracted.

In this blog, I will share several tips that you can use to help you to refocus and get back on track. What I have noticed in my years of experience as a Master Life Coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner (NLP) is that all you need are a few minor or micro-corrections to your lifestyle, nothing big or major. Arent you glad?,

In reality, its the small things that we do on a consistent basis that gives us the biggest benefits. So lets look at these simple, yet powerful tips that you can apply when you feel as if your new year resolutions are fading.

  • Breathe and Hydrate. Yes, breathe. The first thing I want you to do is simple to take 3 deep cleansing breaths (in through your nose, out slowly through your mouth); you need to get more oxygen to your brain and your blood oxygenated. There are number of research studies that have linked deep breathing exercises to reducing stress and increasing endorphin's, a natural stimulant into your blood stream; this will sharpen your ability to focus. While breathing ask yourself, "what should I be focusing on, right now?" My mentor, Trevor Otts ( told me a few years ago, "questions steer focus. Second, drink plenty of water, some suggest drinking 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water. If that's too extreme, then start with a quarter of your weight. Here is why? When you drink water (room temperature) it flushes toxins from your body and hydrates your brain which is 70 percent water.

  • Create a focus-daily regime. You can call it a list, I prefer regime. Anyway, the key is to write down daily three (3) things you will achieve that day. I suggest you keep a notepad or use the audio memo feature on your smart phone or task app to help you with staying focused and getting those top threes things done for the day.

  • Prioritize your day. Simple creating a list is one thing, however, you need to prioritize it based on importance or impact to others. For example, it may not be important to wash my car today, however, if I am picking up a client at the airport, than washing my car becomes crucial because the impact of showing up to a client with a car covered in bird droppings or the interior looking as if I live in my car could send the wrong message.

  • Be accountable. The biggest indicator of personal and professional success is holding yourself accountable to someone other than you. I strongly suggest that find two people that will hold you accountable, pay them if you need to. I would rather pay someone twenty-five dollars a week to hold me accountable; then to simply give up and repeat the same cycle every year. Another option, is to agree to a self imposed fine of $50 if you miss going to the gym or doing your daily activities. You might be asking yourself, "why would I do that?" The simple answer, because most people learn through the principle of reward or punishment.

  • Focus your movements. The final tip is to focus your movements by being intentional. Don't go to the gym or start doing something without first considering your goals, outcome and time allocation. For example, I'm going to walk for 30-minutes a day. It would be more powerful and beneficial to say, "I'm going to walk to the park for 15-minutes and return, which is another 15 minutes. While walking I'm going to concentrate on my breathing, stride, and overall feeling. When you do this, it gives you something to measure and a target to hit.

Finally, remember that all of us will become distracted at some point, the key is to know how to refocus your mind (ask questions) and apply the tips listed, so you can live a focused-driven lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you and know what you think. In fact, share this with a friend, like us on Facebook and visit us online at Leave your comments, suggestions, and ideas below. Until next time, Stay Focused!

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