5 Steps to Eliminate Distractions While You’re Working

Updated: Jul 13

There is no doubt that distractions are something that all of us face on a day to day basis. It could be during a conversation with a friend, a boring class at the university, or while you’re in an office meeting. Different things catch our attention when our mind isn’t fully alert, and this causes us to not achieve our goals on time. Have you been wondering, “How do I remove distractions?” then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss the question that you may often ask yourself, “How do I get focused?

What is it that you need to do in order to be able to focus better on your task at hand? Remove distractions.

Distractions are things that disable your ability to fulfil your work on time. However, not all is lost! There are many ways through which you can eliminate distractions while you’re working. With our 5 step guide, you too, like so many others, will be able to exert all of your dedication and attention to one particular thing at a time:

Step 1 — Revamp Your Daily Schedule

One of the major issues that most individuals suffer from is a bad schedule. Most people have a very unhealthy approach to living life. In order to maximise your energy and capabilities, it’s important to feel good, both physically and mentally. You can achieve a good state of physique and mental health by adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Make a schedule where you fix the time for all your daily mundane tasks. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, and everything in-between, make sure you fix a time for all the daily activities. Follow your schedule regularly, and within weeks, it’ll become a part of you. Along with a good schedule, it’s also important that you work out daily and maintain a healthy diet.

These three things are very important when it comes to achieving good mental and physical health. They will allow you to stay focused on your goal. This way, you can essentially stop distractions that keep you from working well.

Step 2— Practice Living in the Moment

The concept of living in the moment seems rather easy, but in reality, it's one of the hardest things you can ever do. Tons of different thoughts are processing in your mind at all times. Your mind could be playing the song you heard in the morning while driving your car to work or it could be reminiscing a memory from your childhood. Regardless of the type of thought that may have consumed your mind, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of it. Instead of obsessing over, “How do I remove distractions?” you can try to eliminate distractions that control the inner workings of your mind by meditating every day. Practice concepts like mindfulness and body scan. These meditations allow your mind to acknowledge the present moment, in turn, allowing you to stay focused at all times.

Step 3 — Set Your Priorities of a Day Straight

Before you start your day, consider looking at your schedule of that day and prioritising certain tasks. Start by segregating the tasks that are the most important for that day and then categorise the ones that can be handled later during that day. This way you’ll not feel overwhelmed and it’ll also help to eliminate distractions that may make your head swarm with unnecessary worries.

Step 4 — Sort out Your Working Area

It’s a good idea to work in a space that’s more minimalist in nature, especially, if you’re someone who gets distracted easily. Working in a clean and organised environment will allow you to function in an efficient manner. The more organised you are, the calmer you’ll be at your work. This way, you may not feel the need to take excessive amounts of breaks.

We also suggest keeping the wall in front of you stacked with only important sheets and data, as wandering minds will find distractions everywhere. In order to eliminate distractions and stop thoughts like, “How do I remove distractions?” from occurring while you’re working, just sit with things that you would require for the said work.

Step 5 — Organise the Tasks on Your Computer

The most apparent distraction that one faces while working is the different aspects of the internet, mainly the social media websites. Make sure while you’re focused on a particular project, you aren’t logged in to any of these websites. As the constant notification pop-ups will end up ruining your concentration, in turn, taking away your focus from work.

The key to remaining focused and not letting random distractions take over your mind is to remember the feeling of despair. This is that very emotion you experience every time you’re left with tons of work to finish at the last given moment. It’s okay to fall, but remember to bring yourself up from where you fell and try again. Incorporate the above steps into your daily routine and witness a change in your work ethic in no time.


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