How Do i Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all had moments where we’ve found ourselves lost in a bubble of random thoughts and fantasies. These moments can often stretch out and end up consuming several hours or a whole day in itself, resulting in missed deadlines. Instead of working and focusing on work, your mind craves the futility offered by the apps on your phone. Have you been wondering, “How do I stop procrastinating?” Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

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How do i Stop Procrastinating Effectively?

It’s safe to assume that we all know and understand the term “procrastination”. It’s a phenomenon where an individual puts off the more productive and important aspects of his/her life to indulge in activities that may not hold any productivity value. This causes them to lose precious time and in the end, they’re left with little to no time to finish off the rest of the work.

Chronic procrastinators can be victims of this vicious cycle for years. They may realize the issue and can come up with different methods and ways to help them stop procrastinating. However, it’s seen more than often that without proper guidance and proper strategy, they may not be able to maintain the change.

If you’ve been constantly thinking, “How do I stop procrastinating?” then this blog is just for you. Allow yourself to stop procrastinating today with our 5 step life-changing guide. We’ve worked for years to come up with these steps and can confidently say that tons of people have benefited from these and have experienced positive results within the first few weeks of adapting these 5 steps into their life:

Step 1 — Divide Your Work into Small Segments

The main reason why most people have trouble focusing on their work is that it may seem extremely overwhelming. It could seem lengthy and may cause a lot of stress on their mind, in turn, making the individual feel as if the easy thing would be to ignore the work altogether.

You can deal with this and stop procrastinating by dividing the work into small segments. If that doesn’t help, then go ahead and divide the tasks even further. Finally, this would leave you with extremely simple tasks, which would give you the confidence to peruse them head-on.

Once you break down your overall tasks to its most basic attribute, then it all becomes very convenient and easy to approach. You can then focus on the immediate tasks, get them done to the best of your ability, and then move on to the next task on hand.

Step 2 — Choose Better Working Space

Your enthusiasm to work also gets greatly affected by your surroundings. Take a proper look around you. Does your working space inspires you to work hard or does it encourage you to feel lethargic? If sitting and working in a space makes you want to put your head on your desk and take a nap, then it’s time to change your environment.

Try to keep your work space neat and tidy. Unorganised desks will promote you to feel uninspired and eventually, it’ll become a thorn in the way of you achieving success.

Step 3 — Draft a Detailed Schedule with Definite Deadlines

Working with one deadline that you may have set for yourself, isn’t going to be enough for you to stop procrastinating. We suggest creating multiple deadlines in a month. However, if you wish to stay productive at all times, then we suggest setting up deadlines every day. No matter what sort of task you have at hand, if you work within a decline, it will push you to work faster and harder.

Also, if you only have one deadline to work with, then you may allow yourself to think that you have plenty of time, and in turn, leave all your tasks pending till the very last minute.

Step 4 — Identify Your Go-to Activities When Procrastinating

Procrastination isn’t just about sitting at one place with your palm resting against your cheek and losing yourself in the mind castle of thoughts. Most people rely on different sorts of lazy activities that make it difficult for them to stop procrastinating.

Instead of asking yourself repeatedly, “How do I stop procrastinating?” try and engage less with your electronic devices. Check out the go-to apps on your phone and the bookmarks on your computer. Now, it’s time to consider whether they add any major value to your life or you visit them simply out of boredom. If you feel that some apps and bookmarks aren’t as important as the others, then delete and get rid of them. However, there may be a few that do add certain value to your life. For those, we suggest you simply disable the notifications. This will help you from getting distracted while you’re working and dealing with more important aspects of your life.

Step 5 — Follow Individuals Who Inspire You

Our world’s filled with several individuals who have had massive things to contribute to the world we live in today. And this goes without saying that we’re all inspired by certain people through the different stages of our lives. Your job is to identify such names that inspire you.

Different people have different things to offer, and the same goes for what they inspire you for. As you look through such important people and their contributions, you will also come across the stories of their struggles and hardships. Often times, our minds drown us in the sorrow and pain we feel, cutting us off from the reality that there’re people who may be going through something very similar to us.

Reading and learning about such people will help you attain hope in your heart and ultimately push you to work harder and focus better to achieve your own goals and ambitions of life.

Another thing that may help significantly is hanging out with people who you see as achievers. Become friends with people who motivate you on a day to day basis. This will allow you to learn how they approach their work.

Procrastination isn’t the root of all evil, but it certainly doesn’t help very often. The main thing’s to remember that we all have a purpose, and it’s our job to figure out that purpose and fulfill it. You can only do that when you stop dreaming and actually start working.


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