Is Your Life at a Crossroads?

Updated: Jul 13

Is Your Life is at a crossroads between doing the same things each year, expecting something different?

Isn't it time to do something different, the choice is yours!

Crossroads of Life

We are calling all high-level thinkers and influencers to join me in Atlanta for this transformative conference.

Together we work as a collaborative community to make significant contributions to the world.

By the end of our time together in Atlanta, you will leave feeling unstoppable. Tap into your superpower and living your focus!

LYFE 2020, is not about personal or professional development... nor is it a financial or money mastery seminar... While you will grow personally, professionally, and finally... This is an LYFE MOVEMENT!

Now you know, what will you do?

When you attend LYFE 2020, we'll help you eliminate all the mental blocks that have been preventing you from seeing results in your life, business and relationships. You will be empowered with the right tools, strategies, and technologies to take your life, business and relationships higher.

This is about helping you live your focus, so you can make a significant contribution to the world.

LYFE 2020 connects individuals from all walks of life to accelerate their success in every area. One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying success is a lack of focus and managing your distractions.

That's why LYFE 2020 targets three essential areas that will influence your success: Focus Mastery, Business Mastery, and Lifestyle Mastery.

Join the LYFE Movement, by attending the Live Your Focus Encounter Conference Today!

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