Focus First: Mindfulness Executive Leadership Training


What do Google, Aetna, Intel, General Mills, and The Huffington Post have in common? As global leaders, they understand the power and impact of Focused Mindfulness. Integrating Focus First: Mindfulness Executive Leadership Training Programs (FFMELT) into your company's culture, it will measurably increase your overall productivity, enhance well­ being and lower healthcare costs-all while positively impacting your bottom line. FFMELT was created based on evidence-based research and real-life results. This guide will provide you with information on how FFMELT can help you better engage, enlighten, and empower your employees to achieve faster results by melting away barriers that block overall productivity.

According to The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (2013) absenteeism accounts for 84 billion in lost productivity. Our training is designed to quickly and easily introduce and integrate FFMELT into your culture., so that employees are both physically and mentally present while at work.

Reports in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and The New York Times confirm that Mindfulness Programs result in measurable increases in productivity, enhanced wellbeing and lower annual healthcare costs—all positively impacting bottom-line profitability.

The Rand Corporation reported that each business dollar invested in corporate wellness is expected to return $3.80 in savings, productivity, improvements and other benefits.

By integrating FFMELT into your corporate culture you gain a strategic competitive advantage to achieve the highest level of employee engagement for sustainable success.

We recognize there is a war for talent, and the high cost associated with replacing valuable employees continues to rise, whereas, FFMELT can be used as a tool to retain and attracting the best talent by demonstrating your commitment to professional development and work-life balance of your team.

When we talk about the qualities that make a great leader, FOCUS has been seen as the #1 quality needed according to Entrepreneur Magazine (March 2016) citing beast selling author and TV host Tim Fessiss who stated that “Leadership is making important but unpopular decisions...To be a good leader, you cannot major in minor things, you must be less distracted than your competition…”

In today’s busy world, it's easy to become distracted by all of the concerns and demands of running a successful business, FFMELT provides you tools to easily and quickly remove two common types of distractions that plague businesses: personnel and process flow distractions. Co-Creator Lyman A. Montgomery is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Trainer with over 27 years of professional experience helping organizations get focus, and operate at optimal peak levels.

Focus-First: Mindfulness Executive Leadership Training. An evidence-based system that will take your organization to the next level while melting away productivity blockages and releasing the power of Focus and Mindfulness Leadership.

Unlike some programs that have a short-term return on investment (ROI), Mindfulness programs have consistently proven to have a positive effect on lowering absenteeism, increasing productivity and positively adding value and profits to your bottom-line. This is achievable because mindfulness programs such as FFMELT are easy to implement and within a matter of minutes, not days and weeks, you can virtually begin to see results. When practiced daily, FFMELT raises the levels of healthy hormones in the brain which in turn, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases the flow of rich oxygenated blood throughout the circulatory system.

Ciara Conclon in her article, How Mindfulness Can Improve Our Focus and Productivity writes, “The act of focused awareness...brings us into the here and now so that we are conscious of what we are doing when we are doing it.” By combining Focused Productivity with Mindfulness Leadership we have been able to help executives focus their awareness on their present thoughts and emotions as oppose to focusing on past and future events which according to Dave VanHoose of Speaking Empire can “create feelings of depression (the past) and anxiety (the future).” Ciara Conclon concludes her article by stating, “We make bad decisions or mistakes because we weren't mindful enough to notice the subtle things that are happening around us.” FFMELT helps you to lead with focus and live a healthier and happier life.

FFMELT helps senior-level executives identify their core strengths and how to maximize their effectiveness while leading through Focused Mindfulness. In essence, it helps you to be the type of leader that you would want to meet. This is especially true when it comes to leading high potential work teams. When we work with executives and their leaders on developing their team’s focus, which is the first step in our process, we hold them accountable through our coaching when they start to deviate from course. Research has shown that people get more done and sustain their goals longer when they work with a coach.

Working with an executive coach allows you to get another perspective or point of view. Aa an example, a client thought he was heading in the right direction with a major business proposal until we reviewed it, and noticed that he had omitted a crucial segment of the proposal. The point we are making is that we cannot always see our blind spots.

One of the hardest questions to answer is “How do you determine your daily priorities? Being able to get ahead of your schedule is crucial to being a successful and effective leader. Too often executives are not in control of their schedules, they are set and managed by an administrative assistant which means, you are reacting to someone else's requests or agenda; it also forces you to be reactionary instead of proactive. Scheduling is all about establishing priorities. A priority is anything you give preference to over something else.

How many times have you heard this, “Let me check my schedule or call my administrative assistant to check my schedule because I don’t control my own schedule.” On the surface this appears harmless, however, not knowing where you should focus your priorities can sabotage your effectiveness in managing others. So how do you gain control of your schedule? By setting priorities and communicating those priorities to your administrative assistant as to what type of meetings or events require your attention.

When you invest in FFMELT you will discover how to take control of your schedule and focus on being present in the moment. This does not mean eliminating your planner or schedule, it simply means being aware of the things that matter most.

Getting ahead in business is about having a compelling and unique selling proposition (USP) combined with services and products positioned collectively to give you a competitive advantage over your competition. All organizations desire to have the best leadership and talent in order to fulfill its mission and vision.

We are devoted to working with executive leaders and their teams to remove process distractions and melt away productivity blockages through FFMELT which combined focused productivity with Mindfulness Leadership to produce remarkable results:

Increase employee retention

Increases operational efficiency

Increase employee engagement

Increases customer satisfaction

These are a few of the benefits of integrating our FFMELT into your culture. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about how FFMELT can help your organization, contact our office at 1-877-275-3039 You can email us at