Detoxing Your Mind with Meditation - Does it Even Work?

Meditation is one of those things where those who practice it, swear by it… and those who don’t, think it’s just hogwash.

So, who is right?

If we stopped to analyze the lives of some of the most successful businessmen and people on the planet, we’d notice that many of them meditate. The fact that so many of them do is an indication that it does work.

Even the Shaolin monks who live a reclusive life on the mountains practice meditation. With a quiet life like theirs that’s set so far apart the frenetic lives that most of us live, they STILL meditate.


The answer is mental clarity.

Anyone who has tried meditation will testify to how difficult it actually is. The mind is thinking at a rate of a million thoughts a minute. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Trying to calm and still your mind is a Herculean task that can take a long time to master… and that’s exactly why we should start now. Meditation is about being a passive spectator to your thoughts. You want to watch them going by without getting emotionally involved. The goal here is to gradually limit your thoughts until you achieve a state where you’re not thinking, but just ‘listening’.

Once you’re able to reach this state, you’ll discover a source of ‘power’ that you’ve not encountered before. While you’ll not be one of the X-men, this power is a kind of inspiration mixed with inner strength. You’re tapping into a higher force that’s unexplainable.

Only those who have tried it and use it regularly will understand. Meditation elevates your mindset to a higher plane.

That’s what makes it so effective for detoxing your mind.

You’ll be able to temporarily escape from the mental stresses of life. Over and above that, you may discover solutions to problems that are bugging you. Meditation has a way of providing wonderful answers because you’re truly listening.

The problem with most people these days is that they’re so involved with their lives, their problems and the daily drama that they can’t see a way out because they’re too immersed in it all.

Meditation ‘lifts you above’ your life and problems.

For the duration while you’re meditating, you’re a spectator. The world becomes a stage and everyone in it players, including yourself. By being a spectator, your feelings and emotions are subdued. You’re now thinking on a higher plane and stop sweating the small stuff.

Your mind gets a break from all the stress.

You’re in a place of power and inspiration and answers will come from here. This is the reason why so many people seek meditation to find some solace and peace from the stresses of life… and after meditation, they feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

There is immense power in meditation.

There are many ways of meditating and many teachers have their methods to achieve the state you’re striving for. You should do your research and find the method that suits you best and follow it.

Initially, you’ll feel like you’re just wasting time.

Do not throw in the towel though. Aim for 5 or 10 minutes daily. Make it a daily habit and practice whenever you can. As time progresses, you’ll notice that it’s easier to calm your mind… and one day, you’ll discover that you really can meditate, and feel the inner peace and clarity that you’ve only heard people talking about.

You’ll never look back after that.

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