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Do You Have A Focused Mindset for Success?

You know I love haters because they give you a different perspective.


In this post, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused) will share how to have a focused mindset for success in life, and why... it is essential to be focused-driven in your life, business, and relationships. The strategies explained in this post will help you grow your business and relationships as they did for my coaching clients; check out client testimonials for examples.

Why Another Blog?

My goal is to solve one major problem that most coaches and entrepreneurs struggle with- a lack of focus, due to distractions, which causes procrastination, which most blogs tend to gloss over or only give partial truths unless you enroll in their "high ticket" coaching program. Not here...

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Let's dive in now...

Remember last time I said the reason that people minds are wandering all over the place like a rabbit, dodging holes or dodging the fox, is because they're BORED. Remember, I said say interesting things to interesting people in interesting places. Now I left off when I received or received some of the hate mail KEEP THEM COMING. I love my haters.

Now most people don't like haters. I LOVE them! You know I love haters because they give you a different perspective. One person wrote they said, oh you were beating up teachers. I WASN'T beaten up teacher. my MOM was a teacher I LOVE TEACHERS. I'm somewhat of a teacher. I'm in the school's all the time. The only thing that I'm saying is that this system of education is broken and the reason that most kids especially in urban schools CANNOT learn is because they're bored, because the information that are educated not to teachers.

I'm not blaming the teachers, you're following the script, you're following a protocol. They told you, you need to teach out of this book and the information in the book is about 10 to 15 years out there and these young kids they know it, they can Google they can YouTube it. You're telling them stuff that they've already disproved but yeah they got to pass the test, they got to past, oh we got to get these test scores up. For WHOOO?? What I'm saying let's focus back on these kids, let's have a FOCUS MINDSET. Where we say interesting things, cause these students hmm that's it.

Remember are sitting on hall minutes? But for some of you that don't remember. Back in the eighties, there was a talk show host named Arsenio Hall and when someone would say something interesting here we go things that make you go, hmm that's right. Kids need bring back the teachers that gave you thought provoking information. They had you do assignments that made you really dig in there and grind that was useful and relevant.