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Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Do You Know Your Blindspots?

In this post, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused-driven) shares relevant tips and strategies to help you discover your blindspots and how to deal with them. The strategies explained in this post will help you grow your business as they did for my coaching clients check out for examples.

Let's dive in...

Today we're going to talk about blind spots. You see all of us have blind spots in our life these are areas that we can't see.

You know I was driving um several years ago I was driving on the highway and I actually got on the expressway and I'm driving getting ready to change lane I put my turn signal on and I'm drifting over I got my turn signal on and I looked at my rearview mirror everything looked good but as I begin to go into the next lane I was like beep beep beep why there was a car that was in my blind spot that I did not see.

Three Key Points with Dealing Your Blindspots

  • You see all of us have blind spots now here's the problem understanding that we all have them so the person says I don't have any blind spots they're lying run from them they're lying. All of us have errors in our lives that we can't see.

  • Point number two we all need someone to help point out the blind spots in our life maybe as an example your blind spot might be you don't see that you're hot temper. If things don't go your way you blow your lid. It takes someone to remind you hey Lyman every time things don't go your way you get a little hot under the collar and you tend to blow sting that's a blind spot. Another blind spot might be if let's say for example that every time you have to stand in line and you don't have patience and you're standing there and you why don't this line move and finally you get up to the cash register rather than being pleasant you're a little short with the cashier it's not her fault that the line is long that's a blind spot.

  • And point number three always check before you cross the lane. Now, what do I mean by that always check or look before crossing lanes is this it makes more sense to double-check yourself than always have someone there to check you. In other words, once someone points a blind spot out to you then it's up to you to make the adjustment by checking yourself for example I hate standing in line so I'm standing in line and I get up to the cashier I make sure that I check myself to make sure that I'm not transferring my impatience to the cashier who's simply there to do his or her job. So check yourself.

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