Time to Get MAD! [What are you motivated and determined to do?]

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Time to Get MAD! What are you motivated and determined to do?

In this post, Coach Lyman shares tips and strategies to stay in the focus zone. Time to Get MAD, Lyman encourages you to get mad about the things that are not giving you joy.

Let's dive in now...

So glad you're here! It would be kind of boring doing this by myself. Hey! Welcome to our podcast focus You where we focus solely on you and the issues that you are facing and again this podcast is sponsored by Focuseduacademy.com. Where you get everything you need to get focus to refocus so you can stay focused and truly live a focus-driven lifestyle. I like that a focus-driven lifestyle! How do you like me now?

You see I got some of your hate mail oh yes I did! Someone said oh why did you beat up on teachers last week I'm an educator. Listen stop your whining, I won't be beating up on teachers I love teachers, my mom was a teacher, I work with school boards all over the country.

I wasn't talking about the teachers I'm talking about the educational system you know it's broken has been broken. And have you got these school psychologists that's giving these kids these different tests to see who should go in Special Ed, we know the game, we know they're backed by Big Pharma you get these kids doped up on Ritalin?

I wanted other stuff teachers on Prozac everybody in the school druggies and you wonder why little Johnny and Pookie and Ray Ray and Day Day and Tay Tay and Becky and Michelle can't read. Why they can't read, Why they can't learn it's not the kid stop blaming these kids this is the educational system that's broken. How do I know they had me and especially. I remember little buses that come in front of my house the little yellow bus, yes it did! It picked me up because some school therapist or psychiatrist said oh he's slow he needs to go in specially. All of a sudden my parents put me in a different school, Carlson Foreign Language Magnet School, Dayton Ohio learned Espanyol. All of a sudden I went from making else indeed to honor roll.

What happened, the teachers were interesting I was learning stuff that was interesting I can have a conversation that was interesting it changed my mindset. I said I was pissed last week I'm more pissed today. Listen to this what I want you to do, see every well I can't say every morning but you know what when you listen to this podcast at 7:00 a.m. in the morning when you're getting ready to go to work,

I WANT YOU to get MAD! Yeah! I want you to get mad, how would you have a mad mindset? That's the mindset I want you to have, MAAAAD! Now, what does that stand for? I want you to be motivated and determined, that's what MAD means.

I'm not talking about acting crazy, even though sometimes acting crazy can get you a