Why Watching the News Makes You Stupid [Subscribe to Your Focused Day Podcast]

Updated: Jul 13

Why Watching the News Makes You Stupid

You will continue to be a slave and smeared in the TRAP call INFORMATION.


In this post, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused) will share tips on how to keep your on track while at work, and why... it is essential to be focused-driven in your life, business, and relationships. The strategies explained in this post will help you grow your business and relationships as they did for my coaching clients.

Why Another Blog?

My goal is to solve one major problem that most coaches and entrepreneurs struggle with- a lack of focus, due to distractions, which causes procrastination, which most blogs tend to gloss over or only give partial truths unless you enroll in their "high ticket" coaching program. Not here...

This blog will give you the best strategies that I share with my coaching clients that have helped them to get laser-focused, productive, and profitable in their businesses, personal life, and relationships. Subscribe to Your Focused Driven Day podcast by clicking here Connect with me by visiting www.lyman360.com.

Let's dive in now...

Hey today I want to pick back up on this conversation about staying in the zone. Today I want to talk about how to avoid the information track. This will all news junkies out there, this is all you folks that feel like I need more information, I need more information. The problem is have the stuff you're watching and listening to is wrong. I don't care if it's conservative side a liberal side a so-called minor inside. Most of the information that you get through mainstream media is so edited down it's probably wrong.

You go to one channel they're saying one thing, you go to another channel they're say the complete opposite and you're confused. What I want you to do? Do me a favor for the next seven days I want you simply to disconnect from the news. Oh my god somebody can have a heart attack. Matter of fact called the paramedics on you oh my god just winning a big fit right now when I said disconnect from the news. Why? It is a TRAP!

I was talking to a person the other day and they were saying they got in trouble because they are so addicted to the news they cannot even go an hour on the job. Now they getting paid to do it job but every hour why because their brain has been conditioned every hour. You know that one news station 24 hours that says every hour, on the hour and the same stupid stuff. What'll I suggest some positive on the news. All you hear about how bad the economy is, even though unemployment as it is lower that's been in a while, how bad Congress is, how bad the president is, how bad this is, how bad that is so on and so on, got killed so on and so on. I'm so threatened the new cut so I'm so it's trying to blow us up.

Negative, negative, negative, negative, and you wonder why you negative all the time. You wonder why you stank because you're listening to the filth. Yes I'm upset you know. Good friend of mine Brian Jenkins about three years ago he said, hey everybody part of our coaching call he said hey let's do for 90 days no news. I was like a lot I was a news junkie, I love my dose of the news I thought, it made me informed and then I realized then I got more d