Why Your Productivity Sucks: [3 Tips to Fix Your it]

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Why Your Productivity Sucks: 3 Tips to Fix Your it

In this post, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused-driven) shares tips and strategies to stay focused, productive, and profitable in business, relationships, and in life. The strategies explained in this post will help you grow your business as they did for my coaching clients check out www.focuseddriven.com/testimonials for examples.

Let's dive in...

You see yesterday I talked about turbo charging and I said you know set your priorities, you want a time stamp everything, and you want to understand why you're doing what makes your other resource of time, the money and the know-how and the skills. And then I didn't get it really a chance to talk about bundling

What I mean by bundle. Bundling is sort of like what AT&T and other phone companies, Microsoft Apple, and others have done. Where you take things that are similar and you package them together, rather than going all over the place. It's sort of like if you're going to cook or bake, normally you put all the dry ingredients in one bowl the liquid in the other bowl and then you mix them together. So that's what I mean when I say bundle. Take things that are similar in proximity or similar in nature and work on them to create a sequence of order and then you want to have a way of measuring.

If you say for example I'm going to lose three pounds a week you need a scale you need a measuring tape those are the resources that you're going to use and then you're going to have a before and after you have to measure what it is you're doing! You see someone was talking to many other days and I asked them a question I said I was doing training actually to a bunch of general managers in the restaurant business and I said what is your turnover rate? And is it well is sort of like, no it's not sort of like it's a NUMBER!

That's like if I'm going to pay you and I say to my stuff, well I'm going to pay you X amount of that well sort of like it's numbered I know that. They won't real money they want the moolah, they don't want to sort of kind of you gotta know your numbers so that's what I mean when I say measure.

Now I just want to clear that up because I felt like I didn't have enough time really to deal with that and so what I want to pick up on, is the think about this okay think about this whole idea, about productivity because now you've set your focus steps you prioritize, but I want you to think about productive, being productive I said that earlier you need to be productive get to work and often time this question comes up; Lyman which is more important quality or quantity? Stupid question, I'm telling you why it's both. You see the more you do things the more it enforces either good behavior or bad.

You see nobody starts out with high quality, no you're going to suck the first time you try it. You're going to be horrible at it! But the MORE you practice doing it the right way, the BETTER you will get. When I first started out speaking, I was absolutely horrible at it. I was terrible, I stuttered, I had a bunch of uhh's and ahhs and ahh, you knows, UNTIL, I had a COACH. They said Lyman breathe, the reason that you're going uhmm and haa and ehhm and hmm is because you don't have CONFIDENCE in what you're saying, and YOU DON'T your MATERIAL.