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You Need Critics!

The problem is we tend to focus in the criticism and not the perspective that they give us.


In this blog, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused-driven) shares relevant tips and strategies to help you understand the power of critics in your life, and why... it is essential to be focused-driven in your life, business, and relationships. The strategies explained in this post will help you grow your business and relationships as they did for my coaching clients; check out client testimonials for examples.

Why Another Blog?

My goal is to solve one major problem that most coaches and entrepreneurs struggle with- a lack of focus, due to distractions, which causes procrastination, which most blogs tend to gloss over or only give partial truths unless you enroll in their "high ticket" coaching program. Not here...

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Let's dive in now...

Listen, all of us need critics. The problem is we tend to focus in the criticism and not the perspective that they give us.

You see a person told me once that I have agree with and he said Lyman, thank God for your critics. I said what do you mean? Then it hit me thank God for my critics and he say Lyman, here are the three things that I want you to understand about. So I wanna share you three things that my good friend share with me. He said Lyman:

3 Tips Why You Need Critics!

  • Number one, critics give you a different perspective. I said what a different perspective? Yes they see things in you or about you that you may not see yourself.

  • Point number two, he said critics help you grow. Look at what they are saying and ask yourself is there any truth because it allows small, it may be is there any truth to what they are saying. Maybe there is a thread a very small or thin thread of truth to what they're saying but pay attention to that.

  • The third thing is, critics sharpen us, they make us tough. You see in a speaking business, in a coaching business, in any type of endeavor you're getting whole lot of NOS. You see, when you understand that critics will help sharpen you you'll be able to identify if a critic is being critical or simply giving you a fresh perspective. We call it constructive criticism.